Concrete Waste Recycling Plant

Crushing plant plays important role in concrete recycling applications. The concrete crushing plant is available with jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher etc. The crushing plant can be equipped with vibrating screen and belt conveyor. Large scale portable plants can crush concrete at up to 600 tons per hour or more. Compact, mini concrete crushers are also available that can handle up to 150 tons per hour and fit into tighter areas. SBM concrete recycling crusher machine is with low price and excellent production efficiency.

Concrete Waste Recyling Operation

Concrete recycling is an increasingly common method of disposing of concrete structures. Concrete debris was once routinely shipped to landfills for disposal, but recycling is increasing due to improved environmental awareness, governmental laws and economic benefits.

Concrete will be first screened by vibrating screen machine, which must be free of trash, wood, paper and other such materials, is collected from demolition sites and put through a crushing machine, often along with asphalt, bricks and rocks.

Concrete Waste Recycling Plant

Concrete Recycling Cruhser Machine

In concrete waste recycling plant, the concrete and aggregate chunks are sorted by size. Larger chunks may go through the recycling crusher plant. Smaller pieces of concrete are used as gravel for new construction projects. Aggregate base gravel is laid down as the lowest layer in a road, with fresh concrete or asphalt placed over it. Crushed recycled concrete can sometimes be used as the dry aggregate for brand new concrete if it is free of contaminants.

SBM has been specialied in mineral processing and recycling technology for long history. We have been global supplier and manufacturer of concrete waste recycling plant. Concrete recycling plant involved includes concrete crushing plant, screening machine, belt conveyor, magnetic separator etc. SBM customize recycling solution for various types of waste materials. Please contact us for more information.

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