Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is based on the experience of more than 20 years of vibrating screen design, combined with international advanced vibrating sieve manufacturing technology to develop a highly efficient circular vibrating screen with high strength and great excitation force. YKN series of circular vibrating screen using the N series of eccentric vibration exciter, the middle transmission connection using flexible connection, the equipment amplitude is larger, vibration stable, significantly improve the vibration screen through the ability and screening efficiency, to ensure that the vibrating screen running more reliable, has a longer service life.

Vibrating Screen Working Principle

The series vibrating screen adopts eccentric block as excitation source to drive the sieve box for round vibration, its working principle is: the Sieve box is arranged on the base (or base) by the elastic support, the eccentric block is installed on the main shaft, and the spindle is installed on the side plate of the sieve box through the bearing and the bearing The motor drives the middle drive shaft through the triangle belt, the middle drive shaft rotates, the spindle rotates, the eccentric block rotates, and the inertia force of the eccentric block causes the sieve box to vibrate. With the continuous operation of the motor, the vibrating screen is used for the approximate circle trajectory, and the continuous sieving operation is realized.

Vibrating Screen Working Principle
  • [Feed Size]: 400mm
  • [Production Capacity]:100-850t/h
  • [Application Field]: Metal mines, engineering buildings, coal, cement and solid waste treatment.
  • [Applicable Materials]: Black metal ore, non-ferrous Metals, river pebbles, limestone, dolomite, granite, stream rock, diabase, basalt, coal mine, etc.
  • Precautions for maintenance and use of vibrating screen

    Vibrating screen is one of the most widely used kinds of sieving equipment, and the new type of vibrating screen machine has a much higher precision, which is greatly improved by the traditional sieving equipment, and the production capacity has been significantly enhanced. However, in the actual production of the user will often encounter a variety of failures, which will bring a lot of normal production trouble. The following is a look at the use of vibrating screen machine precautions and common maintenance measures.

    After the purchase, the first thing to do is debugging. Vibrating screen machine accuracy is higher than the first choice in the commissioning of the need to check the installation of electrical protection device failure, whether normal use. In the use of attention in vibrating screen machine inside, we can also see the need for its anchor bolts carefully check, this position is easy to loose, once loose will produce a lot of vibration and noise, and even burn the motor, the equipment brought great damage.

    In the daily work, for vibrating screen machine Add what oil to know, and can not ignore the day-to-day inspection work. After the inspection of the anchor bolts also pay attention to screen whether there is a damaged loophole, a little loophole will make the material flow out, resulting in a great loss. For vibrating screen clamps also need to check regularly to ensure that its tightening does not appear loose. Vibrating screen Machine Use note, also should pay attention to some common noise, timely downtime check, detect the source of noise, timely removal.

    Vibrating Screen Technical Data

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