MB5X Grinding Mill

SBM based on the more than 30-year field test data accumulation and experimental analysis, research and development of the fifth-generation hanging mill--mb5x hanging grinding mill, with a number of invention patents. It represents the most advanced grinding technology, the application of patented technology in brand-new structure design, so that the operation and maintenance cost of equipment is greatly reduced, the environmental protection performance is better, the quality of discharging material is better, and the best choice for upgrading and updating.

High Features Of MB5X Grinding Mill

MB5X Grinding Mill Structure

1. Low maintenance cost of dilute oil lubricating mill roller Device

mb5x pendulum type suspended roller mill mill roller device using dilute oil lubrication, the technology in the domestic initiative, maintenance-free, easy to operate. Dilute oil lubrication for oil bath lubrication, no need for frequent refueling, more convenient than grease lubrication, and lower maintenance costs.

2. Remove the shovel barrel structure and improve the grinding efficiency

The structure of the bucket without shovel is designed with large diameter grinding roller, and the grinding efficiency is higher. There is no shovel-barrel structure in the grinding cavity, the ventilation area of the grinding cavity is larger and the wind resistance is smaller, and the grinding efficiency is increased directly with the super rolling pressure of the large diameter roller.

MB5X Grinding Mill Structure

3. Spiral shell elastic damping structure equipment stability is higher

The elastic damping structure of the volute can effectively block the vibration damage of the main engine. A special elastic structure is adopted between the volute and the frame, and the rubber damping cushion is set to avoid the vibration of the base vibration on the running stability of the separator, so as to eliminate the problems of the volute and the middle body.

MB5X Grinding Mill Structure

4. Low power consumption of new type of cage powder separator

The powder separator adopts low resistance hanging cage type separator, the separation granularity range is narrow, the separation efficiency is high, the system energy consumption is low, and the same material and fineness are lower than the blade-type powder, the mechanical and electrical consumption is low and the production capacity is high.

MB5X Grinding Mill Technical Data

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