Gold Ore Crusher

The ore is available on all mineral aggregates, divided into metal minerals, non-metallic minerals two kinds, is generally made of ore and gangue minerals come together, after crushing and powder series, can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical, chemical, construction, roads, railways, cement and other engineering fields has the inestimable economic value.Gold ore crusher is a special equipment for crushing and processing ore. It is divided into many different types to achieve more perfect fragmentation effect of different components

Customer Case

  • Project: Gold Ore Crusher production line
  • Output: 350t/h
  • Discharge size: 0-5mm、 5-10mm、10-20mm
  • Application:Highway, bridge
  • Project:Limestone processing project
  • Material:limestone
  • Output:18-20t/h
  • Discharge size: 200mesh
  • Application:Highway

Working principle of gold ore crusher

The gold ore crusher is made of the most advanced crushing technology. The pulley or coupling, the transmission shaft and the taper part are driven by the rotation of the motor, and the eccentric shaft is periodically rotated under the axis line. After the material enters the crushing chamber from the material inlet, it is subjected to the mutual impact, extrusion, grinding and rubbing of the eccentric shaft and the roller wall, thus producing the crushing effect. The hydraulic system in the machine can insurance had iron failure or stuffy car phenomenon through the night pressure of the support sleeve and the fixed cone top out of trouble, to play the role of insurance is very good at the same time greatly reduced maintenance rate and improve production efficiency.

Gold Ore Crushing Line

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