Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste crusher mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, mobile often need building materials, hydropower and other materials processing operations, especially on the stone road and railway traffic, hydropower engineering business, according to the type, size and material requirements with different configuration. Chinese for city garbage disposal project construction demolition of the current construction waste disposal equipment, construction waste crushing and screening into recycled aggregate size and the number of different rules is the basis of our project, the use of construction waste recycling.

Features of construction waste crusher

The use of three heavy counterattack plate structure, so that the number of material strikes increased, hard extrusion, friction reduction, reducing hammer loss, and extend the service life of wear parts.The clearance between the counter plate and the hammer head can be adjusted conveniently by adjusting the bolt, and the particle size can be controlled effectively.Construction waste treatment equipment type lid, equipped with hydraulic devices, so that more convenient maintenance

Features of construction waste crusher
  • [Production Capacity]: 30-550t/h
  • [Motor Power]: 37-630kw
  • [Materials]: Limestone, feldspar, calcite, dolomite, talc, barite, kaolin, gypsum, graphite and other materials.
  • [Application]: Chemical, metallurgical, mining, highway construction, water conservancy projects, construction, gravel and other industries.
  • [Introduction]: Construction waste crusher is to absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with the specific conditions of the domestic gravel industry and research and manufacture of new crushing equipment.

structure of construction waste crusher

The construction waste crusher consists of three parts: frame, counterattack device and rotor. All the components of the rack type machine are installed on the frame. It is divided into two parts, the upper and lower parts, welded with steel plate and steel. Chenban manganese steel is arranged in the inner wall of the rotor frame on both ends of the frame, the cover and the left side wall and two walls of a semi open can turn on the cover, it is the use of wire rod or hydraulic top opening and closing, convenient replacement parts etc.

The counterattack device for construction waste crusher is composed of impact plate and suspension device. The inner wall of the back plate is provided with a serrated lining plate made of high abrasion resistant material. One end of the counterattack plate is hinged on the upper cover of the machine frame, and the middle part is hung on the upper cover of the machine frame by means of a pull rod spring suspension device. The utility model uses a suspension device to adjust the size of the discharge opening, and can protect the material when the material can not be broken. The rotor is composed of a spindle, a turntable, a plate hammer and a plate hammer. The main shaft is arranged in the rolling bearing on the outer wall of the two ends of the frame, and the turntable is welded structure parts. The spindle is not connected with the main shaft by the key, but is firmly connected with the main shaft by locking.

Construction waste crusher Technical Data

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