CI5X Impact Crusher

In order to meet the user's demand for high income, low cost and energy saving, the problems of traditional crushing equipment, such as cumbersome operation and low efficiency, world-state industry as the world's renowned supplier of mine crushing equipment, according to more than 160 countries in the World field engineering experience and user feedback, combined with the company's latest research and development results to develop a new generation of high-performance coarse, medium crushing crusher---CI5X series impact Crusher, is the ideal upgrade of traditional equipment products.

Application Of CI5X Impact Crusher

CI5X Series impact Crusher in the analysis of a large number of domestic and foreign impact crusher technology and working conditions on the basis of the crushing cavity, rotor and adjustment devices, such as a number of company's latest scientific research to integrate the application, so that equipment crushing performance and operational maintenance performance to achieve a more advanced level.

CI5X Impact Crusher Application
  • [Feed Size]: 250-500mm
  • [Production Capacity]:50-220t/h
  • [Application Field]: metallurgy, mining, cement, chemical industry, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects, building rubble, mechanism sand processing and other fields.
  • [Applicable Materials]: suitable for all kinds of soft, medium and hard ore crushing, crushing operations, such as: limestone feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, Rare earth, kaolin, Coke, coal gangue, gypsum, etc.

The configuration principle of impact crusher production line

Impact crusher in the production process for the production of materials, to a large extent and the production line configuration has a great relationship, because the configuration is unreasonable, it will make these devices can not be a good collaboration between in the speed and other aspects of the differences in efficiency and the effect of grinding, or the production of failure rate has a great impact, so the configuration of the production line is very important, we in the actual purchase process, how to configure a impact crusher production line?

1.Combined With The Sale Of The Production Site

This point is mainly based on the size of the production site to configure the production process, generally speaking, the production site is limited, if the configuration of the impact line of the whole area beyond the site size, then not normal installation and operation, if far less than the footprint of the site will result in waste, good two mutual anastomosis, so as to ensure the smooth production;

CI5X Impact Crusher Application

2.According To The Nature of The Material

Any type of impact crusher in the work, all require the nature of the material in line with the production requirements, in terms of hardness, size, viscosity, humidity, etc. must meet the requirements of equipment, can carry on the smooth production, otherwise will cause the processing difficulty to increase the phenomenon, causes the attrition to aggravate, as well as the blockage and so on the phenomenon occurrence, these for the production, is extremely disadvantageous, therefore in order to prevent these phenomenon's appearance, we must select the reasonable material to carry on the production;

3.Matching With Production Requirements

This idea refers to the customer's demand for production, for example, production capacity, finished product quality, and so on, these are very important to attack the crusher configuration, to meet the needs of customers, can bring reasonable benefits for production, otherwise the words will cause the phenomenon of loss of money, these are the problems to be considered;

4. Reasonable Capital Investment

Here mainly refers to the cost of input, if the cost is too high, it is not conducive to comprehensive benefits, generally speaking in order to meet customer demand based on the control of costs, not to reduce the impact of the production line quality, performance as the premise, this is to the limited cost, to obtain better benefits;

Impact Crusher Technical Data

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